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BC Band Association

The British Columbia Band Association (BCBA) is a non-profit organization serving community bands throughout the province of British Columbia in Canada. We seek to foster, promote, and encourage the establishment, growth, and development of band music in British Columbia through national, provincial, regional, and local programs, resources, and social activities. The BCBA currently has 117 members.

Delta Concert Band
 The Delta Concert Band is an eclectic group of amateur musicians from all over the lower mainland of British Columbia. .They play a wide range of standard concert band music with excursions into the more esoteric repertoire although that does not always make it to the concert stage. They have eight to ten concerts each year including two formal concerts with other groups and the remainder community-based concerts at senior’s homes, schools etc.

Delta Music Makers
The Delta Music Makers, is dedicated to giving adult intermediate band musicians the opportunity to perform music for their enjoyment and education under competent musical direction.  The band offers a service to the community by performing music before the public and hospital shut-ins, as well as with other band groups in the Lower Mainland and abroad.

South Fraser Community Band
The South Fraser Community Band is an intermediate level band dedicated to interacting with the South Fraser community through music.  Their aim is to nurture musical performance talents and the enjoyment of music by everyone in the community by performing music with a broadly based appeal. They perform where the people are, in parks, schools, nursing homes, malls, anything goes! We provide a wide range of music, including classics, popular show tunes, and more.


Royal City Concert Band
The RCAB (Royal City Alumni Band) was formed in 1987 by former members of the New Westminster and District Concert Band. The band has revised it's name to RCCB (Royal City Concert Band). It provides an opportunity for young people to continue playing in a Band beyond High School. They play a variety of music, including marches, show tunes, traditional band music and band arrangements of orchestral music. Their concerts are at a variety of locations.

Metropolitan Concert Band
A community band, having members of all ages, from all over the Vancouver area, and from all walks of life.  Their repertoire includes a wide variety of music: Broadway, the classics, marches, ballads, jazz, movie themes, big band; you name the style and they’ve played it. Look for them performing at various venues around the Vancouver area, especially during the summer months.

Vancouver Dorfmusik
The Vancouver Dorfmusik was founded in 1983 to perform Swiss and European style music similar to small village bands. An inspiration was the Seldwyler Dorfmusik in Zurich that was quite popular at the time.  Presently, the Vancouver Dorfmusik has about 20 players and keeps close ties with the Swiss community. However, the Dorfmusik is becoming increasingly a group of accomplished Canadian players with a variety of ethnic backgrounds who enjoy the European style "Blaskapellen" playing.


North Shore Concert Band
 The North Shore Concert Band is a community band based in North Vancouver, BC, Canada. Its conductor is Takuya Maeda. Associated bands include: the Jazz Connexion directed by Blair Fisher; and Freddie Fuddpucker and His Rolling Clones led by an enigmatic gentleman in a hard-hat and a kilt. The Concert Band welcomes new players. There are no auditions.

West Vancouver Concert Band

The West Vancouver Concert Band is a non-profit community band. They play free concerts throughout the year at various venues, such as community centres and seniors' homes, in Vancouver and the North Shore. The band provides an opportunity for adults to enjoy playing and performing music together and to participate in sustaining a self-supporting, amateur, musical organization.

Maple Ridge Concert Band

The Maple Ridge Concert Band is a community band made up of 40 or so members of all ages and musical abilities. Their prime objectives are to provide a friendly atmosphere for weekly rehearsals, endeavour to promote the performing arts, and to share musical camaraderie and enthusiasm with their peers and community. The band plays a variety of music, from symphonic works for wind ensemble to big band swing, traditional hymns to Dixieland, and Sousa to Broadway musicals.
Abbotsford Concert Band

The Abbotsford Concert Band is a community-based music association that focuses on rehearsing and improving our musical skills, having fun, performing locally and abroad, and contributing to community spirit through music.  The Band participates in concerts, festivals, musical production performances, parades, and just about any sort of community event where music can lift the heart!

Ellington on the Web

In January 2005, Professor Andrew Homzy of Concordia University asked if anyone was up to the job of compiling a list of Ellington-related websites.  David Palmquist thought he'd give it a try. It has since grown to include a cross-referenced list of Ellington CDs, to help purchasers avoid buying the same recordings on different CDs, and The Dooji Collection, a comprehensive and growing collection of Ellington record labels.

In 2002 David started Strictly Ellington, a rehearsal/repertory band that plays only music of Ellington and Strayhorn. If you'd like to play Ellington one Saturday afternoon each month, please contact him.

Community Band and Orchestra Home Pages

Welcome to one of the world's largest set of community band and orchestra links! Since 1995, people have used the information contained here to try and find web pages for groups located in that area. We hope you will find what you are looking for.

David Roughan, Photographer

David is an accomplished freelance photographer who has photographed concert bands in the Lower Mainland for promotional photographs and for the enjoyment of the members.  He is a frequent contributor to BandTalk, the newsletter of the BC Band Association.

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